Reseller FAQs

How is DN Pilot's reseller program better?

With thousands of resellers, DN Pilot understands what a domain reseller needs to succeed.  We know it is not just prices.  We know it is not just technology.  We also know it is not just product selection.  Yes, DN Pilot understands it is all three.  While the competition may offer one or two of these factors, DN Pilot offers all three:

  • WHOLESALE PRICES - Some of the industry's best
  • PRODUCT SELECTION - Over 200 TLDs, Pre-registrations, Backorders, SSL Certs, Servers and More!
  • TECHNOLOGY - Innovative and high-performance systems

How do I become a DN Pilot reseller?

Becoming a reseller is simple.  Simply signup for free and wait for the verification email.  Next, make a decision on how you want to connect with DN Pilot, which includes a web control panel, a software module, or for more advanced users an API. For potential customers that want to experience the DN Pilot system in full, DN Pilot also provides a LIVE real-time operational and test environment (OT&E).  When a reseller is ready for live transactions, all the reseller needs to do is fund their account in order to cover transactions that require funds to complete. 

Does DN Pilot have an Operational Test Environment (OT&E)?

DN Pilot has OT&E accounts for resellers and developers to fully test DN Pilot's domain systems.  The test environment is an exact replica of the production environment, which even allows users to see actual performance and response times.  This state of the art testing platform is used extensively by partner companies and large resellers to fully test and integrate into DN Pilot's platform.  Lastly, OT&E accounts can be automatically converted into live accounts post evaluation. 

Do I need a desposit or can I make a deposit to get better pricing at DN Pilot?

DN Pilot's pricing generally depends on the number of domains managed.  It is possible for partners with very large numbers of domains to receive lower prices than our already very low prices. 

Please feel free to contact DN Pilot for further information about working with us.

Does DN Pilot have reseller references?

DN Pilot must keep the identity of our resellers private in accordance to our reseller agreement.  However, please sign-up and see why leading companies in the domain space choose DN Pilot as their doman platform of choice!