Technology Overview

Technical Specification Highlights

  • DNP Core supports 6 different Interfaces or a combination thereof (Mailrobot,  EPP 1.0, HTTPS-API, SOAP, XML/RPC and Web Interface) for connectivity and extensibility.
  • Persistent connectivity with EPP and HTTPS allows for maximum performance and responsiveness between client systems and DNP Core
  • Highly available using multiple connections to the Registries
  • Highly redundant with bi-hourly back-ups and real-time replication to a back-up datacenter

Feature Highlights

  • Comprehensive registry features such as Add-Grace-Period, Auto-Renew-Grace-Period, etc. available per Registry
  • WDRP (Whois-Data-Reminder-Policy) and RDE (Registrar Data Escrow) policies are fully supported
  • Your Name is displayed as the Registrar of Record in the respective Whois
  • White-Label Fax-generator for various registry forms supported
  • gTLD WHOIS parsers to ensure accurate and fully automated  domain transfers
  • Trustee Contact (Admin-C-Contact Service) intended for restrictive TLDs allowing for customized and branded trustee service