How is migration, import and synchronizing of domain data handled?

DN Pilot engineers help DNP Core customers plan and execute migration and import from beginning to end.  Migration and import automation is already built into the DNP Core platform. 

Can DNP Core handle migration from one accreditation to another?

There are customers who are resellers and are looking to move all their domains onto their own accreditation.  DN Pilot has anticipated this type of migration and can completely automate the migration of domains from other registrars to the customer's accreditation.  Often these migrations are ongoing and timed in sequence with renewals to eliminate any added transfer costs.

Can DN Pilot help with obtaining new registry accreditations?

DN Pilot's professionals understand the registries and the processes very well and can help any customer prepare for the accreditation process.

How many domains would we need to consider obtaining our own accreditation?

The number of domains necessary to consider obtaining an accreditation is different for each registry.  DN Pilot is happy to discuss and analyze your domain portfolio.  Even if a particular accreditation is not in the immediate future, DN Pilot can still design a plan that allows a customer to register domains from the respective registry, using DN Pilot's registrar's accreditation.  Migration from DN Pilot's registrar's accreditation to the eventual customer's accreditation will simplify any future migration.

What is the cost of DNP Core?

Pricing is based on volume, therefore, the more domains registered, renewed or transferred through a DNP Core account, the lower the price can be negotiated.  The general pricing for a TLD using DNP Core is a monthly flat fee plus a variable per domain transaction fee.  Prices are negotiable.  Please contact DN Pilot for more information.  

How can I get more information on DNP Core specific to my needs?

Every customer is different and has different needs.  To get customized consultation, please contact DN Pilot with your questions.