Pre-registration Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PRE-REGISTRATION of domain names important to me?

The competition for domains names is now extremely fierce, especially when an entirely new namespace (new set of domains) is being open to the public for the first time. This is because everyone understands that domains are highly valuable and can be an appreciating asset. Pre-registration allows domain buyers to reserve domains before their release and attempt to register these domains the instant (less than a second after) they become available. Pre-registration does not gaurantee that one will get a domain, but it is the only way to increase the probability of obtaining these valuable domains.

Does it cost anything to PRE-REGISTER a domain name?

The act of pre-registering a domain is completely free. However, a week prior to the general availability date, DN Pilot systems start reserving funds from a customer's account for use as a deposit. These funds are completely refundable and are automatically returned to the customer's account if a pre-registration is cancelled (not allowed during the last 24 hours before a general release) or if DN Pilot fails to register a pre-registered domain for the customer. If a domain is successfully registered for a customer, the reserved deposit is used to process the registration.

What types of PRE-REGISTRATION are there?

  1. Internationalized domain names (IDN) - domains represented in a non-english language like Chinese or Russian as an example
  2. New domain releases or relaunches by existing (established) registries often related to the opening of second level registrations or new subdomain class
  3. Generic new TLD - Completely new domains and registries authorized by ICANN target generic categories (e.g., .RADIO)
  4. Geographic new TLD - Completely new domains and registries authorized by ICANN, intended to be used locally by major cities (e.g., .PARIS)
  5. Community new TLD - Completely new domains and registries authorized by ICANN, intended for groups or communities (e.g., .ECO)

What do Sunrise, Landrush, and Go-Live Phases Mean?


When a new top-level-domain or second-level-domain becomes available, typically but not always, owners of trademarks are given the first opportunity to register a domain name with their mark.  Not all TLD releases have a Sunrise period.


This is typically a short period following the Sunrise phase for the registration of domains, but with restrictions. The variety of methods and releases of past TLDs makes defining the Landrush phase somewhat difficult. Traditionally, during the Landrush phase, a list of premium domains are available for registration either through an auction or on a first-come-first-serve basis at a substantially high price. Not all TLDs releases have a Landrush period.


This is when any un-registered and unrestricted domain name is available for registration on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Does pre-registering a domain guarantee that I get that domain when it is available?

No. Pre-registration does not guarantee the registration of a domain when it is available, it only improves the probability of obtaining the domain compared to hand registrations. Specialized systems at DN Pilot attempt to register pre-registered domains on behalf of our customers the instant the domains are available. Popular domains may have hundreds if not thousands of pre-registeration reservations on them prior to release.

Compared to other pre-registration systems, how good is DN Pilot's pre-registration system?

DN Pilot believes that the design and engineering of its pre-registration is second to none. The real proof though is DN Pilot's success rate in obtaining pre-registered domains for our customers. In the most recent domain releases, the system used by DN Pilot has been able to register on behalf of resellers and customers, over ninety to ninety-five (90-95%) of all pre-registered domains.

Why are some domains sent to a private auction after DN Pilot has successfully obtained a pre-registered domain?

Very often, more than one customer pre-registers the same domain name. In cases where there are multiple pre-registrations for the same domain, a private auction is set-up between only those who originally placed a pre-registration for the respective domain. Again, the auction is private and other parties are excluded from participating in the auction. Invitations are automatically sent out and the auction is conducted by our auction provider,

What are nTLDs, new TLDs, or new gTLDs?

ICANN, the authoritative governing body for generic Top-Level-Domains (gTLDs) like .COM, .NET and .ORG, has decided to allow more gTLDs to work on the Internet. ICANN is accepting applications for these new gTLDs and will vet them though a rigorous process before approving any of them. Collectively, TLDs for which applications are being made with ICANN for approval are being called nTLDs, new TLDs, and/or new gTLDs.

Why are new TLDs important?

These new top-level-domains will cover and service three important online needs. First is to broaden the number of generic categories that the existing TLDs do not cover - .MAIL, .SHOP, and more. Second will be for geographic TLDs, specifically, city TLDs like .PARIS and .NYC to be a platform for greater localization of the Internet. Lastly, there is a push for more community TLDs like .ECO for those interested in the environment or.GAY for members of the gay and lesbian community. There is tremendous opportunity to localize and expand the Internet, as well as, make money for those entrepeneurial enough to pre-register these valuable domains when released.

How do I stay on top of these new TLDs?

The easiest way to stay on top of the new TLDs is to pre-register all your nTLD domains today with DN Pilot. By pre-registering, customers will receive regular news and notifications about the new TLDs they are interested in as well as get information specifically on the domains they have pre-registered for. Don't wait! Pre-register your new TLDs with DN Pilot today.