The Internet is Mobile

When a domain name ends in .MOBI, consumers know without a shadow of a doubt that the information was designed to be displayed on mobile phones.  The .MOBI domain revolutionizes the use of the Web on mobile phones.  Most importantly, with tools and standards provided by the registry, mobile users, no matter the model of phone or network they use, will know the information that they need is right in their pocket!

Additional Informations

TLD Type: 
Sponsored Top-Level Domain (Nokia / Vodafone / Microsoft / Afilias)
Registry Introduction: 
Open Registration: 
1api GmbH
  • IDN capable:  No
  • Restore capable:  Real-Time
  • Handle Updates:  Supported
  • Registration System:  Real-Time
Registration Periods:  1Y,2Y,3Y,4Y,5Y,6Y,7Y,8Y,9Y,10Y
Add Grace Period:  0
Accounting Period:   0
Finalization Period:   44d
Failure Period:   44d
Payment Period:   -61d
Deletion Restorable Period:  30d
Deletion Hold Period:   5d
Explicit Renewals:  YES
Renewal Periods:  1Y,2Y,3Y,4Y,5Y,6Y,7Y,8Y,9Y

Transfering-in your .MOBI domain to DN Pilot is easy.  Simply search for the domain name in your panel and select Transfer on the results page.  Contact DN Pilot Sales for pricing for bulk transfers - we would love to hear from you!

Registry Transfer Details:

Transferclass:  PULL
Transfer Periods:   1Y
Transfer Authcode required:  YES
Transfer Real-Time:  NO
Transfer Pending Period:  
Transfer Expire Action:  
Transfer ACK by: REGISTRAR
Transfer NACK by:  REGISTRAR
Transfer Lock:   YES
Transfer Confirmation (Request / Approve): ICANN-FOA-REQUEST /



DN Pilot has many resellers selling .MOBI domains to their own customers.  Becoming a reseller is easy, and with some of the industry's best wholesale prices, reselling can be very profitable.  Some of the benefits of reselling with DN Pilot include:

FREE Signup and No Commitments

DN Pilot is known for its straightforward and partner-friendly business policies.  No deposits needed.  No minimum revenue required.  No gimmicks.  Just sign-up for FREE and get great wholesale pricing.

Wholesale Pricing 

Resellers working with DN Pilot can be confident that they will receive globally-competitive wholesale prices for all domains and services.  Please contact us to find out more about our wholesale pricing plans.  If you plan on a bulk transfer of domains, contact us first and we can make sure you have the right pricing before your transfer.

Reselling Your Way 

DN Pilot offers resellers multiple ways to connect and sell our services.  Many use our comprehesive web Control Panel.  Some use any one of our six APIs.  Still others use modules for WHMCS, AWBS, or PLESK.  Choose the one that best suits your business.



1. What is the MOBI Instant Mobilizer Service?

The service is a dynamic web proxy, working only with .MOBI domains, to covert content from non-MOBI websites into mobile friendly content on the fly.  Instant Mobilizer from .MOBI is the fastest and easiest way for anyone with a website to be compatible with mobile devices in a few clicks.

2. Does the MOBI registry have resources and tools to help users manage content across the growing number of mobile handsets?

The Registry has long understood the product cycles of the device manufacturers and has been working on tools to help MOBI registrants manage thier content as devices change.  One of the newest tools the Registry has is with their goMOBI service, which is a quick and guided tool to setup a mobile website in just a few short steps.  Most importantly, goMOBI sites are guaranteed to be compatible with nearly 6000 devices!

For more FAQs and information, please visit the DN Pilot wiki.