Domain Auctions

Backorder Auctions

Equitable allocation when multiple DN Pilot clients/resellers backorder a domain.

  • Private Auction - backorder clients ONLY
  • Auction services completely FREE
  • Automatic auction invites
  • Automated auction execution
  • Automated payment processing
  • Allocation to any DN Pilot account
  • Big commissions for resellers

Why Auctions

With multiple backorders for the same domain through many resellers and customers, occasionally there are multiple backorders for the same domain name.  To fairly and equitably determine who should be allocated a domain with multiple backorders, DN Pilot uses a fully integrated auction system.  ONLY Private Auctions are employed.  They are completely PRIVATE and only reserved for those resellers and customers who originally backordered a domain before it expired.  All other bidders are excluded from the auction to honor the original backorders.  Auctions are easy and fully automated, and are seamlessly managed by DN Pilot. Invitations, management, and payment for auctions are completely handled by our premier partner.



The auction technology and platform is tightly integrated with DN Pilot's backorder system, making auctions seamless and easy for DN Pilot resellers and customers. Automatic private invitations are sent out to the originating backorder individuals as part of the Auction process. Post-auction payment processing is conducted and the winning bidder is awarded the domain in their DN Pilot account.


Reseller Commissions

Big Reseller Commissions are Paid upon final auction close.  A commission credit invoice is processed at the end of each month. Within a few days after the credit invoice date, a single consolidated commission payment is made into the reseller's account (on the first (1st) day of the month directly following).