Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Backorder Expiring Domains at DN Pilot; Choose Between 18 TLDs.

  • Free use of Expiring Domain Search Engine
  • Eighteen (18) TLDs to backorder
  • Free to backorder any expiring domain
  • Pay only for successful domain registrations
  • Real-time status of backorders 24/7
  • Free Web Control Panel
  • Free APIs
  • Free Support Center

DN Pilot Backorder Technology

DN Pilot is based on the technology behind some of the industry's best domain systems of the past decade.

Expiring Domains - Backordering Systems

Traditionally, domain backordering systems grab expiring domains by inundating the registry for a particular domain as it expires.  Though this method works and is effective, DN Pilot goes one step beyond by intelligently looking at the way particular registries are designed.  As a result, DN Pilot has built a more intelligent backordering system for our resellers.

Private Auctions - Multiple Backorders for the Same Domain

Another big advancement of DN Pilot's backorder system is how it handles multiple bids for the same domain name.  DN Pilot has seamlessly integrated PRIVATE domain auctions into its backorder system to ensure that a closed and protected auction - ONLY between the original backordering customers - determines who the domain should be allocated to. The auction services are provided by and is completely automated.  Customers and resellers can relax knowing that DN Pilot handles the invitations, auction execution, and even payment processing for them. Fast, simple and easy for everyone.


  • Advanced alogorithms - optimized and tested for maximum performance
  • Operates on DN Pilot's renowned domain infrastructure for speed and reliability
  • Individual customers can use the system for their own domain portfolios
  • Resellers can resell backordering for a big profit
  • Resellers are paid commission for backorders processed through their account
  • Non-branded notifications and announcements automatically processed by DN Pilot
  • Real-time billing, charging, and refunding for all backordered domains at expiration
  • Fully integrated PRIVATE AUCTIONS for domains under contention