Backorder FAQs

What is Domain Backordering and why is it important?

Finding and registering "good" domain names can be very difficult, if not impossible, in today's market. This is because millions of domain names have already been registered and buyers have already flushed out the very best domains for many registries. However, since domains are registered for specific periods of time, some registrants lose interest in their domains or simply forget to renew. And once a domain expires, the domain is then open for registration by anyone. The problem is that expiring domains are very valuable and the competition for domain drops is now extremely fierce. A backordering or domain dropping service is an automated system that attempts to register an expiring domain the instant it becomes available. Such services allow users to place backorders for expiring domains before the drop and let the automation try to register these valuable domains on their behalf. DN Pilot has one of the industry's most advanced and optimized backordering systems. Signup today and let DN Pilot backorder your domains.

Does DN Pilot pay commission on backorders?

Yes, DN Pilot pays competitive commissions to resellers for domain backorders

Commission for Single Backorder:
A reseller's customer places a backorder for an expiring domain. No other customer or another reseller's client places a backorder for the same domain. Upon successful registration of, the standard reseller backorder fee (typically 59.00 USD) is discounted by the amount of the commission, and the domain is allocated immediately to the reseller's customer.

Multiple Backorder Commission:
A reseller's customer places a backorder for an expiring domain. Other customers or another reseller's client places a backorder for the same domain. Upon successful registration of, the domain goes into a PRIVATE auction at and is sold successfully for 2,500 USD. The winning auction client's reseller is paid a commission on that sale.

Backorder Deposits - Why didn't my backorders process?

Though placing a backorder with DN Pilot is free, to process a backorder we require a fully refundable deposit no later than 24 hours before the deletion date of a domain. Please ensure your account balance is funded to cover all pending backorders otherwise some or all backorder requests will not be processed. Deposits are automatically returned to your account balance for failed backorders.

Multiple Backorders - When and Why are domains auctioned at

When more than one customer at DN Pilot places a backorder on the same expiring domain and DN Pilot is able to obtain the domain, the fairest way to allocate it is through an auction.'s entire auction invite, execution, payment, and account allocation is all seamlessly integrated for customers and resellers.

Private Auctions - Does DN Pilot offer private auctions for domains with multiple backorders?

DN Pilot has specialized in the acquisition of expiring domains. This is why we have a wide variety of TLDs and have a high degree of success in acquiring domains. Private auctions are now available through our auction partner,

Domain Acquisition Success - How does DN Pilot recognize when a domain is going to be deleted and how successful is DN Pilot at acquiring these domains?

Many registries publish deletion-pending lists, as well as, make deletion dates available for individual domains (WHOIS). And though knowledge of deletion times are nice, the value in the DN Pilot system is our advanced technology that greatly increases our chances of acquiring these domains in the face of other systems.

Expiring Domains from DN Pilot Customers - Why don't the deletion-pending lists contain domains owned by DN Pilot customers?

Some TLDs allow restoration of domains AFTER EXPIRATION. As a result and to secure the rights of our existing customers (legal obligation), DN Pilot domains are not published in our deletion-pending lists or queries.

Temporary Backorder Ownership - Between the time a backordered domain is acquired by DN Pilot and the time the domain is paid for and assigned to user account, who is the owner of the domain?

Domains are registered to DN Pilot and is reflected in the owner and admin contact during the transition window. DN Pilot is operating as a trustee, which is validated by the sales invoice generated for the winning backorder customer. An authorization code provided to the winning backorder customer allows transfer a domain into their name.

DE Deletion List - Why are there no .DE domains in the delete-pending lists when DN Pilot states it offers .DE

Though DN Pilot does offer .DE backordering, the underlying .DE registry does not publish deletion dates nor official deletion-pending lists. The DN Pilot system constantly monitors this registry and recognizes when a deletion is about to occur in real-time.