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DN Pilot ユーザー様 各位

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DN Pilotのユーザーアカウントの、PSI-Japan(株式会社国際調達情報) への移行作業が完了しましたので、お知らせいたします。


■■ 移行作業実施日 ■■


開始 16:00
終了 20:00

■■ 移行後の変更点 ■■

DN Pilotでの提供サービスは引き続きご利用いただけます。






■■ Backorder.jpをご利用のお客様へ ■■


 ▼WIXI お問い合わせ先


 ▼PSI-Japan お問い合わせ先




Dear DN Pilot Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the migration of our DN Pilot user accounts to our subsidiary, PSI-Japan.

PSI-Japan ( has been a group company of WIXI since 2015.

■■ Migration Date ■■

16 November 2020 (Japan Time)

Started: 16:00
Completed: 20:00

■■ After the migration was completed ■■

You are able to continue using the same domain management account with the same login credentials.

You can log in to your account at:

PSI-Japan accepts 2 payment methods: bank transfer and credit card payment (Visa/Master/Amex/JCB). PayPal will no longer be available.

If you want to make a payment by bank transfer, please contact PSI-Japan first to get the bank information.

You can make a credit card payment easily in your dashboard after logging into the domain management panel. Click "Add Funds" and execute the payment.

You can read the payment details (Japanese Language Only) here:

■■ To users who use ■■
WIXI will continue to be the service provider for If you have any questions regarding the service, please contact WIXI anytime.

If you have any questions regarding the new domain management system, please contact PSI-Japan.

Best regards,
The WIXI team